Dropast is the Best CJDropshipping Alternative for You in 2022?

Select the most suitable dropshipping service for your business between Dropast and CJDropshipping.

Do you ever wish to start an online business and earn a stream of passive income?

That’s the dream, right?

But the crux of the matter is that it isn’t easy.  

If you’re already an online business owner, you probably know how demanding and nerve-racking it is to stock up your business with a variety of competitive products, deal with inventory issues, meet customer demands and deliver products on time.  

But thanks to dropshipping platforms, we no longer need to fret over inventory or warehouse issues, customers not receiving their orders on time, or even needing much working capital or startup investment. 

All you need is a trending dropshipping product 2022 and a reliable dropshipping fulfillment service to get you on track to earn some decent revenue. 

While you don’t need a lot of finances or human capital to start your dropshipping business online, you may still want some support in terms of product sourcing and fulfillment. 

That’s where dropshipping fulfillment services such as Dropast and CJDropshipping step in…

But, which one would be the best fit for you and your online business?

Last time we compared Dropast with Oberlo and gave you enough reasons to switch to Dropast. Today, we’re going to compare Dropast with CJDropshipping to give you a clear idea of which dropshipping fulfillment service is best for your business and why.

Because there is so much to cover, let’s dive straight in…

What is Dropast?

Dropast is the first-ever Shopify fulfillment and dropshipping platform that allows online business owners to stock up their online store with Taobao and Tmall products. 

Yes, AliExpress isn't the only retail service based in China. There are other (read: more competitive) platforms too…

Ever heard of them earlier? No?

Here we go…

What are Taobao and Tmall?

Taobao and Tmall are both Chinese e-commerce platforms, offering the cheapest range of products that online business owners can add to their business, no matter what the niche is.

It is estimated that Taobao has more than 26,000 brands to choose from, with more than 287 million products being purchased in a given time.

These e-commerce platforms can help you add incredibly cheap, yet unique, products to add to your Shopify store. 

No matter what product you’re looking for to stock up in your store, you’ll find everything on Taobao and Tmall. Whether it's apparel, clothing, accessories, home decoration, tech gadgets, appliances, pet supplies, tools - these two e-commerce platforms will have you sorted out.

What is CJDropshipping?

CJDropshipping offers dropshippers all kinds of services, such as product sourcing, product storage, order fulfillment, and product shipping. 

This platform has the ability to connect with Shopify, eBay, Woocommerce, Shipstation, Lazada, and Shopee. Not only this, it offers around 400,000 products for dropshipping across various categories posted by the CJ on customer requests and underlying trends. 

CJdropshipping supports more than 60 countries and lets online business owners browse through various products that they can add to their websites.

How does Dropast work?

To help you understand how Dropast can help your business become more competitive and stand out from the rest, while you don’t have to worry about anything on your end, let's get you to understand how Dropast actually works:

  1. You choose and import your desired products from Taobao and Tmall to your Shopify store. This includes finding winning and low-competition products as well- you’re free to choose from countless products of every possible niche you can think of.
  2. Customers can now shop and place their orders through your online Shopify store. You will receive your Shopify order, which will automatically be synchronized with Dropast while paying the product cost
  3. From here, Dropast will handle the rest. Products will be purchased from Taobao sellers, after which they will undergo a thorough inspection in the warehouse. All unnecessary packaging and Chinese materials will be removed, to make the customer’s order more customized and unique.
  4. You can even request to include a thank you card and a custom store logo in your order to make it look more personalized and branded 
  5. After inspection, the orders will be shipped to the customer. In this case, you choose the most suitable and efficient carrier and pay the shipping fee. Then, your customer’s order will be shipped to their doorstep on time

How does CJdropshipping work?

Here’s a 5 step process of how CJDropshipping works:

  1. CJ platform sources the products for you. You can either browse your desired product through their catalog or request them to source a product for you if you can’t seem to find it.  Within 48 hours, they will find your desired product from suitable suppliers (this is what they claim).
  2. CJ will stock your products for you in their international warehouses.
  3. Your products will go through inspection and quality checks before they are shipped out.
  4. With the CJDropshipping app, you will be provided with integrations with various eCommerce platforms to help manage your inventory automatically.
  5. Finally, orders will be delivered and shipped to the customers at their doorstep.

Now, CJDropshipping has already been around for several years, whereas Dropast is a new dropshipping platform.

But…who says a newly launched and established platform can’t be any better? 

One should explore various options, and then decide which is better than which.

And, we’re going to do exactly just that.

Here is a detailed comparison of Dropast with CJDropshipping: 

Comparing Dropast with CJDropshipping:

Product listing

Dropast lets you add countless products to your online Shopify store, no matter what niche.

As discussed above, you get to choose from a wide range of products - clothing, apparel, accessories, health, beauty, cosmetics, toys, kitchen appliances, electronics, gardening equipment, and tools are to name a few. 

Taobao alone has over 1 billion product listings, making it China's largest online marketplace. Tmall has more than 70,000 international and Chinese brands, and counting! 

So, you have an amalgamated amount of both Tmall and Taobao products to add to your Shopify store through Dropast.

Now, as for CJDropshipping...

You can choose from a product catalog of around 400,000 items. There is a wide product range you can choose from but the limit is already defined (We’re not too fond of living with restrictions, do you? 😊)

So, in comparison, CJDropshipping doesn’t really have as many products as Dropast has to offer.

Another noticeable point is that while the CJ platform also sources products at the request of their users, users have only a limited number of product sourcing requests per day. For example, if you’re new, you can request up to 5 products per day. 

In this aspect, Dropast has an overwhelming advantage over CJ Dropshipping. This is because you have countless products within your reach from both Tmall and Taobao to add to your Shopify store, making Dropast the winner in this case.

Product Quantity

Did you know the quantity of the products listed in the CJDropshipping is mostly fake? It's one of the most common complaints on their official Facebook page.

Ease of use

If we talk about Dropast, they have made their platform incredibly easy and convenient to use for dropshippers. 

The process and steps are quite simple, and even if someone faces issues and hurdles, there are numerous resources listed on their website for customers to use. 

Their blogs are packed with helpful articles and tutorials to get you started…

As for CJDropshipping, the system is much more complicated. 

Especially for beginners who are new to CJ, they will have a hard time working their way on their website. In this case, they’ll be needing to watch tutorial videos and guides to begin using the dedicated CJDropshipping platform.

Moving forward…


To learn more about these two dropshipping platforms, let's take a closer look at the features of both.

Starting from Dropast…

Features of Dropast:

✔ Shopify Integration

Dropast is here especially to upscale your Shopify business, and to make it more competitive than other online stores. 

You can add tons of new unique and low- competition products, and increase your profit margins.

✔ Winning Taobao and Tmall products search tool

Why not add some of the most popular and winning products to your Shopify store from Taobao and Tmall?

This will surely get more traffic to your online store, attract more customers, and increase the number of products sold.

This unique feature really sets Dropast apart from other dropshipping platforms, including CJDropshipping

✔ Best Taobao and Tmall sellers search tool

Identify and connect with the top-rated sellers on these platforms.

The benefit?

Well, you already know…

You’ll be able to connect with the most reliable and efficient sellers on Taobao and Tmall to up your Shopify game.

What more would you want?

✔ Custom Package & Thank You Card

Personalization is key to business growth and customer loyalty. Dropast enables you to include a personalized thank you card and store logo on your package to help you make the best first impression. 

✔ Exclusive Trending Products Selection

Add a wide range of trending products selection tools to your online store with Dropast.

This selection will include exclusively hand-picked products recommended by Dropast’s team of experts, only for you! 

No matter what products you choose, you’ll be provided with high-definition product images, that too exclude watermarks to make your products look more customized.

✔ Product Reviews Import

Adding product feedback can do wonders to your listings.

You can easily import Taobao and Tmall product reviews with Dropast by editing and downloading them on a CSV file that is fully integrated with the LOOX and Judge.me app.

✔ Taobao and Tmall product import

Dropast lets you edit products, from Taobao and Tmall both, to add them to your Shopify store. 

Does any other Dropshipping platform let you do this?

✔ Product Image Downloader

Do you try an outfit before buying it from your local mall? 

If you answered 'every time,' you're not alone...

Online shopping is restrictive in a way that your buyers can't touch or feel the products as they do in a brick-and-mortar setup. 

But you can still lure them using high-quality images and interactive videos. 

Not sure where to start? 

Installing Dropast can be the best next step.

The best part?

With Dropast, you can download various product images at once, saving you tons of time and energy.

✔ Advanced Product Mapping

You can now easily synchronize your Shopify store's existing products with Taobao and Tmall products with only a few clicks. This feature is perfect for expanding your Shopify store and making it even more competitive and popular.

✔Auto-update pricing and inventory

Changes in prices and inventory on Tmall and Taobao are common…

But, these can greatly affect your online business if you aren’t aware of such changes.

But, the good news is….

Dropast gives you instant alerts of any such changes in prices and inventory, and your Shopify products are automatically updated as well.

Because, how will you be able to sell a product to your customer when they are out of stock on Tmall or Taobao?

We know, even the thought of that is petrifying!

✔Automatic Order Synch

Your Shopify store is automatically linked to Dropast. 

So, whatever is happening in your Shopify store, Dropast will know about it.

From product lines to orders, and literally every part of your business operations, you will not need to give any input from your end.

✔ Unlimited order

Some Dropshipping platforms have a restricted number of products your customers can order. 

How is this barrier going to help you achieve your dream profits and revenue?

With Dropast, you will be able to enjoy an unlimited number of orders to deliver to your customers.

There are literally no restrictions or limits on the number of products you can sell to your customers or your customers can order.

✔Automatic order payment

Dropast believes how crucial time is for you.

When you’ve subscribed to Dropast, you don’t need to worry about making payments anymore.

This is when Dropast’s automatic order payment option comes in to help you save an ample amount of time!

By setting up automatic payment plans, you can save time focusing on other important areas of your business.

✔Auto-synch Fulfillment center

When your customers place their orders through your Shopify store, these products are instantly and immediately ordered through Tmall or Taobao.

You don’t need to worry about time in Dropast’s case… they do everything timely.


Each product goes through painstaking inspection and quality control, to make sure the product matches exactly what your customers ordered.

At this point, Dropast also gets rid of any unnecessary and extra Chinese packaging.

✔ Product Bundle

Many times your customers will order products from different Taobao and Tmall sellers. What Dropast does is combine products from multiple Taobao and Tmall sellers to save you fees on shipping. 

Imagine the level of contentment and experience your customers will have when they receive a single package instead of multiple delivery (common issue for Aliexpress dropshipping)

✔ 200+ International carriers

Dropast understands how important your customers are to you, and their convenience is your priority.

This is why Dropast delivers your customer’s orders no matter where in the whole world they are. 


You get to choose from 200+ international carriers whose speed and costs are unmatched.

Now, what does that mean?

It means your Shopify store will be accessible to all… no matter where you are located or your customers are based.

✔ Shipping Fees Calculator and On-Demand quotation

Who doesn’t loathe hidden shipping costs?

Well, we sure do, and we’re 100% sure your customers will too.

With Dropast, you don't have to keep your customers in the dark. 

You can easily calculate the selling price of your desired products using Dropast’s exclusive real-time calculator. Simply enter the size, weight, and destination details, and you will get to know the exact amount payable without any hidden costs.


CJ charges roughly 3% VAT and IOSS handling fee, whereas Dropast charges nothing in terms of IOSS. This is the feature you won’t find in most Shopify dropshipping services and fulfillment centers. Definitely, something that sets Dropast apart from its competitors. 

Features of CJDropshipping:

✔Sourcing Products

CJDropshipping platform lets you search up your desired products on the CJ platform. There is a wide range of products to choose from, no matter what you’re willing to sell to your customers. 

The platform also claims to offer the benefit of product outsourcing to their customers. But the thing is when a customer sends a sourcing request, the product sourced is listed inside their website. This will take forever for a dropshipper to find a winning product, and by that time all CJ users will already know about what you have researched so far. Frustrating, isn’t it?

✔ Integration with CJ

CJ enables you to integrate various stores with CJDropshipping. Some of these stores include Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Shopee, Lazada, Etsy, Wix, Squarespace, Magento, BigCommerce, and PrestaShop.

✔ Automatic Connection Feature

CJDropshipping makes a connection between your products and CJ products to know when you have ordered.

✔ Fulfill Orders Automatically

When customers place orders in your store, all the orders from your store will be pulled into your CJ account automatically. This is done after store authorization and product connection. 

✔ Bulk Dropshipping Orders by EXCEL/CSV

Those users who do not have authorized stores can make use of CJDropshipping’s Import Excel Orders button. 

This means the amount can be calculated automatically.

You will also be able to get your hands on the tracking numbers anytime you like

✔ Shipping Cost Calculation and Shipment Tracking

CJDropshipping also enables its customers to calculate shipping for free just like Dropast does. The only difference is their calculator will always show an inaccurate result unless you select the ‘oversize’ label. 

Do we even have to mention the amount of trouble and annoyance this causes for the user.

Also, what would you call a purposeful action of showing cheap price just for the sake of capturing the attention of the sellers? Scam? Obviously, when the product arrives in the warehouse, the seller have to bear the higher fee.

✔ World shipping services

Similar to Dropast, you get to choose the shipping methods and postal services.

CJDropshipping includes multiple postal services to choose from, such as USPS, DHL, PostNL, ePacket, and so on.  

You can also get your hands on CJPacket services, for more special deliveries.

✔ Dropshipping lister

CJDropsipping automatically copies the product details, including description (weight, inventory, packing) and photos to the dropshipping listing in your store.  

✔ Customized pictures and videos

With CJDropshipping, you can download high-quality videos and photos directly from the product description page. In all honesty, we found this feature better on Dropast. 

Pricing and Payment Plans

Dropast believes in quality over quantity.

This is why Dropast only takes a limited number of subscriptions at a time.

A monthly subscription to Dropast will only cost you about $29 per month for an UNLIMITED number of orders.

Oh, the free trial…

Of course, there’s a free trial! You can get your hands on a 7-day free trial, to see if Dropast is for you.

As far as how much CJDropshipping will cost you, it is free. It has no storage fee, no monthly fee, no setup fee, and no minimum order required.

As for the price, CJDropshipping is free. But remember, you’ll have to bear the cost in one way or the other, like a poor service.

Yes, you can’t expect their services to be as good as the premium dropshipping services and fulfillment centers as Dropast.

Customer support

Customer support -  the key to success for any business

As far as Dropast’s customer support is concerned, you will be provided with customer care representatives who are present around the clock 24/7 for any support or queries.

You can also connect with our customer care representatives via live chat and email anytime you want.

As for CJDropshipping…

They also claim their customer service to be available 24/7 and through different channels. But we have seen customers running after their support team to get their complaints noticed...

Last but not least, their policies are unclear and ambiguous. Customers are not able to find exact order processing times. Plus, they're also not sure what CJ has in store for them in terms of returns and refunds. 

Final words…

As they say, all that glitters is not gold. 

CJDropshipping can be a good option if you have plenty of cash to throw on your fulfillment service. Plus, you're willing to deal with confusing and unclear policies and disputes that are never going to be resolved. 

But if you want a dropshipping fulfillment service that is feature-rich, seller-friendly, and committed, Dropast can be your safest bid. 

Start your profitable dropshipping business today!

7-days trial period with no credit card needed. You can unsubscribe whenever you wish.