Social Proof to Build up your Dropshipping Business

Make your online store to appear more reliable by importing and displaying Taobao reviews with the help of dropast.

How many times have you purchased a product because your friend or a family member has recommended it to you?

If you answered many times, you’re not alone. 

It’s the human psyche that they want to play safe. The fact that it is not just our money that is at stake gives us a whole new level of confidence.

Most buyers want to know how the specific product or service has benefitted others before buying it for themselves. 

Dropshipping businesses are also becoming aware of the importance of social proof. That’s perhaps one of the reasons we see them asking for reviews, testimonials, and other forms of social proof that validate their existence and build trust. 

We know you have questions about proof-based marketing in dropshipping, how it works, and how exactly a platform like Dropast can help you benefit from it. 

In this article, we’re going to highlight every aspect of dropshipping social proof marketing, its benefits, uses, and more. 

What is Social Proof? 

As they say, ‘proof sells, not promises.’

According to research, customers will spend 31% more on businesses with positive reviews. 

Another study reveals that over 61% of customers read reviews before they buy anything online.

By definition, social proof is evidence that businesses use to build trust and sway potential customers. 

How Does Social Proof Marketing Work?

Ever heard of The law of “Diffusion of innovation?” It implies that most people would not invest in something unless people have bought it already. 

The concept of social proof depends on the same principle. It would help to construct a social marketing network in which store owners will have to interact with their buyers. 

All this can be done attractively via using various strategies and social platforms. Now let us get into the details of what social proof is and how it psychologically impacts your potential customers. 

One of the most well-known marketing theories, “social proof marketing,” emphasizes that people are only attracted to a certain product or a service when they see other like-minded individuals using it. 

The success of a dropshipping business depends on psychological processes such as impulse buying, which customers tend to show. Even if a customer does not intend to buy something off your website, you can compel them to through the right marketing tactics! 

In dropshipping, each store has its catalog of products to help customers purchase from them. As the popularity of dropshipping rises, most records are also made available online. By employing the proper social proof techniques, you can convert website visitors to buyers in no time and make your dropshipping business a huge success!

Types of Social Proof

Being a dropshipper, it is essential for you to understand that social proof isn’t confined to user reviews and testimonials only. 
In this section, we’re going to discuss other types of social proof as well that you can integrate into your marketing framework to increase your ROI and boost conversions.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews can do magic for your store. The first thing website visitors notice is the reviews listed on your website. This goes without saying that positive reviews help potential customers make up their minds and persuade them to spend on your offers.


Just imagine your favorite celebrity talking about their favorite t-shirt brand or fragrance. What would you do next? You will place your order for the same product without wasting a minute. Yes, this is the power of influencer endorsement.

Social media

Getting praise in the form of tweets, followers, and comments is another form of social proof that encourages others to trust your brand and invest their hard-earned money in your products.


If you haven’t displayed the total number of customers you have served over years, the total number of followers you managed to gather on your social profiles, and the total number of people you receive on your blog monthly, then you’re missing out on receiving more potential customers in the future. Why? Because all these data-driven statistics also serve as social proof for your dropshipping business. 

Now that you have a clear idea of what social proof marketing is and its types, it is time to see how exactly you can use this strategy to your advantage.

Why Dropshippers Need Social Proof?

If you are looking forward to improving your dropshipping business, worry not! Several tried-and-tested techniques can make your business a huge success in no time at all. Most of these techniques are very simple to employ, and you can easily create great use of them. 

Statistics show that dropshipping can be made a big success by adding little things to your website, making it stand out from all other websites that are your competition. When there are so many websites to choose from, you need to add attractive features to your website.

Know Your Position 

Dropshipping is the kind of business that does not have all the products at its disposal all the time. 

It deals with suppliers and consumers instead. Many people want to start a dropshipping company. Still, they do not do so because handling a dropshipping business is a little unusual. Consequently, when these businesses are increasing in the market, it is becoming difficult to convince the consumers to choose you or show them how you are the best! 

Add a social proof counter

One way to convince your customers about your uniqueness and credibility is to add a social proof counter to your website. This will combat the disadvantages of being one of the many dropshipping websites on the internet. An example of having a social proof counter is opening a website to buy shoes and seeing how many more people are on the same page as you. 

Not only will this instill in the customers a sense of urgency, but it will also reaffirm their faith in the decision to buy that specific pair of shoes. Dropshipping is all about employing techniques that help you attract and convince customers. Social proof counters will urge impulse buyers to purchase products, effectively increasing your sales.

Pop-ups for Social Proof 

A social proof pop-up can be added to your online store to help increase dropshipping sales. It may seem inefficient to play with these seemingly simple things. These are simple, effective ways to increase sales through social proof marketing. 

Social proof pop-ups let visitors know that someone has purchased the product they are interested in. This social proof pop-up looks different from the counter. Each one can be used in the way that best suits your website and online store.

Review of Product

Pop-ups and social proof counters could work on some buyers and visitors, while others need more convincing. 

While some buyers buy on an impulse, others require more to convince them, such as authentic reviews by several people. 

Buyers trust other buyers more than the product description or brand reputation.

Having an adequate number of reviews for each product is also very important for the user experience to be smooth and friendly. Therefore, do not forget to ask your customers to leave ratings and reviews after purchasing from you. You can also incentivize this decision by offering discounts and promo codes on future purchases. 

The Best-Selling Products 

There is a reason why most dropshipping websites showcase their most popular products on the front page for every customer to see as soon as they visit the website. You can also put on discounts and sales on these items, attracting the customers to browse your website further. 

The customer's decision process is made more accessible by showing the most popular and best-chosen products in different categories on the front page. Suppose customers are undecided on what to buy. In that case, you can show them the most popular products and make their decisions a lot simpler. This will save them a lot of hassle searching for a perfect product.

Celebrity Endorsement:

You can also collaborate with different influencers to influence the minds of the people who love and follow them unconditionally. Due to the opinions and views formed for a particular famous person, the customers will feel compelled to get what they are endorsing or using in their everyday lives just to feel somehow connected and committed to them.

Number of orders 

Another way to persuade customers is by showing the number of products people have ordered just now from your website. High demand for specific products can increase sales for dropshipping products. 

You can even take this a step further by creating a FOMO effect. Things as simple as ‘Only 2 items left’ will encourage buyers to take immediate action. 

Add the FAQ page 

Adding an FAQ page on your website also acts as social proof. Let us tell you how. 

When a buyer knows you already have answers to all their questions, they find it easier to trust your brand. 

Addressing all the queries that a customer might have made your dropshipping website a complete success, among many others! Most customers have in common that they have lots of questions, and if they are all appropriately answered, they will have all the more reasons to buy from your website. Creating the FAQ page on your website can help you do that easily. 

For that purpose, if you are a Shopify user, you can use the official Shopify application. 

Adding photos and videos to your Dropshipping Store 

Most customers need to see the product before buying it, so having product pictures on your dropshipping website is super important! A survey also shows that customers who watched a video were 73% more likely to buy a product and 96% of the customers found these products insanely helpful. 

Moreover, testimonials attached with photos performed even better in convincing the customers. It is the best form of social proof to digitize your physical store by adding pictures and videos of every product. In this way, you can demonstrate how unique and functional your product is before a customer decides to put their money on it. 

Advertising through Email Promotions 

Cart abandonment happens quite often- and because of multiple reasons. Some people forget that they were shopping; some leave the page and never return. In such situations, a tried and tested technique is to make use of email promotions, with a sincere automated message that says something like, "Hey, would you like to continue buying from us? Here is your cart, waiting for you!" 

What is Negative Social Proof? 

There are countless ways you can make reviews and testimonials work for your business. But did you know sometimes your social proof strategy can also hurt your business reputation and trust? 

We call this ‘negative social proof’ in the world of marketing. 

As its name hints, negative social proof is untrustworthy and something that sounds too good to be true. 

Remember, you will ruin your business repo when you try to publish a fake review with an edited version of a stock image. Customers are smart enough to identify this and it won’t take them more than a minute to blacklist your store. 

Similarly, a perfect 5-star rating all the time is a red flag too. You run a business and it is very unlikely that you receive positive reviews every single time. 

Now, what does that mean?

It means there is no harm in displaying a 4.5 or 4.7 rating as it will establish more trust than publishing a flawless 5-star rating every time. 

We’re down to the most important section of this article…

You guessed it. What is Dropast and how it can help you import reviews from Taobao to publish on your stoer so that you can attract more customers. Let’s find out…

What is Dropast, and how will it help you with your Dropshipping Business?

The New generation these days is intrigued by the Dropshipping business model and look for an all-inclusive dropshipping and fulfillment service that can help them with every aspect of their business. 

Dropast is a feature-rich and reliable Shopify dropshipping solution and fulfillment center that helps you establish, run, and expand your dropshipping business without actually doing a lot at your end. 

With Dropast, you not only can find and import winning dropshipping products from Taobao but also fetch your reviews on your Shopify website so that more customers can trust your brand. 

Before we head over to see how Dropast’s Taobao Reviews Import feature works in real-time, let’s have a quick overview of what this amazing platform has in store for you.

Integration of Shopify store: 

Now you can easily integrate or synchronize your Shopify Dropshipping store with either Taobao or Tmall directly by installing the Dropast application. 

Import Products

The Dropast application has made the complicated process of importing goods and products more straightforward. All you need to do now is to just select your favorites from a wide range of products available on Taobao or Tmall and have them imported without getting into the unnecessary hassle. 

Automatic & Regular Updates

This is one of the best features offered by Dropast, ensuring a successful Dropshipping Business. You will receive automatic updates of price changes of products featured on Taobao and Tmall that are ultimately going to keep you well aware of your surroundings and obviously market trends. 

Inventory Management and Automated Order Synchronization: 

Dropast will also manage your inventory by sending you regular updates on your stock quantity and your new orders, so you do not need to hire a virtual assistant. 

Thank You card and brand logo

You can enclose a thank you note and your brand logo inside your deliveries to let your customers enjoy a more personalized buying experience. 

24/7 Customer support service

The customer service team of Dropast is available 24/7 at your service to deal with any of your concerns and queries. 

And now our favorite feature - Taobao Reviews Importer…

How can Dropast help you with acquiring Social Proof - Taobao Reviews Importer

These were some general benefits of the Dropast application. Now we should look into how it is going to help in getting social proof to enhance and strengthen your Dropshipping Business. 

• You can get social proof by using the Taobao/Tmall’s product reviews written by the actual customers. 

• Importing the social reviews is the best way to go about it as this is how you can take your Dropshipping business to a whole another level of trust and reliability. You just need to click on the “Download Product Reviews” button, and you are good to go! 

• You can even edit the text, author, and date of the downloaded reviews through the. CSV file generated by Dropast. 

• Moreover, he CSV file generated by Dropast is ready to be uploaded on LOOX or


Most shops have moved online in this modern era of dropshipping because of the multiple benefits offered. Since the competition in dropshipping websites has increased so much, you have to adopt many strategies like “Social Proof Marketing” to make your website stand out. So, you can use the Dropast application that will cater to all your Dropshipping needs too in time. 

Start your profitable dropshipping business today!

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