What to Know Before Starting Dropshipping Business with Taobao?

You'd want to launch a Taobao dropshipping business but aren't sure where to begin? This blog post is worth reading.

Dropshipping business model is one of the most incredible ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs to kick start their careers as the industry grows by leaps and bounds. 

For that purpose, an all-in-one Shopify dropshipping and fulfillment center called “Dropast” comes to your rescue. It helps you in finding profitable products from two amazing Chinese platforms called Taobao and Tmall, listing and importing those desired products into Shopify.

Not only this, but Dropast being an ultimate Shopify fulfillment center will also ship those products to the final consumers, that too with a personalized thank you card and your store logo enclosed. 

Now, many people have concerns regarding why they should choose a platform that lets them import products from Taobao and Tmall and not other more popular options, such as AliExpress. 

This post has answers to all your questions and more.

What exactly is Taobao?

Taobao is the most popular and the largest Chinese E-commerce company, launched in 2003, featuring 287 million products, 26 thousand brands, and 3 million monthly active sellers willing to provide services to a large customer base. 

Nowadays, this marketplace has diversified itself globally by entering into different countries and markets, and according to Alexa, it is one of the top 10 websites globally. 

Woah! That is huge! Taobao also handles 60% of the online shopping in China with a 600 million monthly user base. 

You can find a range of different products on Taobao, that includes clothes, baby accessories, pet supplies, household appliances, cosmetics, etc.-  all at pocket-friendly prices.

What is Tmall?

Tmall (天猫) is another renowned Chinese e-commerce B2C ( Business-To-Consumer ) website that was founded back in 2008 to allow local Chinese as well as international companies to sell their products on Tmall’s platform. The delivery services are available for Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. 

As of now, Tmall has expanded to the extent that it has 400 million buyers, more than 50,000 affiliated businesses, and over 70,000 affiliated brands with it.

Why Taobao and Tmall are Better Alternatives to AliExpress?

Dropshipping is the perfect business model for people who do not have enough capital to start their own business, so they prefer dropshipping from the ease of their homes. 

The dropshipping model offers an easy entry into the market and good profit margins, which is why it has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. 

Now we are going to look into how Taobao and Tmall are better (Read: more competitive) alternatives to AliExpress and other renowned platforms.

  • Taobao is the only online marketplace in China that provides you with the cheapest products with the highest quality
  • It has incorporated an excellent feedback system that lets the buyers rate their experience with the sellers. This point-based rating system further allows the potential buyers to have an insight into the virtual store and its offerings. Here’s how the Taobao Rating System works in real-time
  • A number of low competition products with high utility can be found on Taobao that are not readily available on the most famous marketplaces like Aliexpress
  • Taobao’s stores have the perfect descriptions and pictures for the marketing of their products which you can further use to run your Shopify dropshipping business

We know what you’re thinking..

Despite a number of benefits Taobao has in store for the dropshipping sellers, why do people still prefer to go with AliExpress and other platforms. 

We have listed down some of the reasons why Taobao is still struggling with gaining the limelight. 

Language Barrier

There exists an evident language barrier between the seller and the buyer if the buyer’s primary language is not Chinese. This makes communication hard. Plus, a lot of useful information is lost in the process. 

Unlike AliExpress, you can find all information on Taobao’s website in Chinese. Many sellers hesitate to work with Taobao suppliers as they find it tough to communicate with them in their native language. 

While Taobao’s website is in the Chinese language, sellers and dropshippers can easily translate content into their desired language. This makes it incredibly easy for them to communicate with the Taobao sellers and get their message across.

Unfamiliarity with the International Shipping Methods

The Chinese sellers providing their services at Taobao are often unfamiliar with the international shipping methods. That can be a huge setback for your dropshipping business. 

You Can Only Work on Taobao’s Website with a Registered Account

You can only access and navigate Taobao’s website with a properly registered account. Click here to learn how to create an account on Taobao

Sounds like a big deal? Fret not. With solutions like Dropast, you can easily import all your desired products from Taobao and Tmall without worrying about language restrictions, international shipping, and account creation. 

Dropast will assist you from start to finish so that you can sit back and see the cash rolling back into your account without the hassle.

Sounds like a big deal? Fret not. With solutions like Dropast, you can easily import all your desired products from Taobao and Tmall without worrying about language restrictions, international shipping, and account creation. 

Dropast will assist you from start to finish so that you can sit back and see the cash rolling back into your account without the hassle. 

How to get started with Taobao dropshipping? 

Dropshipping was never easy, but it has been made a lot more convenient and smooth with the help of Dropast. Now you can import your favorite products from Taobao and Tmall with just one click and at the most reasonable shipping charges ever! Amazing, isn’t it? 

Dropast has literally turned the impossible into possible with the countless unique features that it offers to its Shopify dropshippers. Let’s look into each one of them one by one. 

Shopify Integration

Now you can easily integrate either Taobao or Tmall directly with your Shopify store. Any guesses, how? All you need to do is open your Shopify store and install dropast, and it will do the job for you! 

Import Products

The importing process is often complicated and is made simpler with the help of the Shopify application, Dropast. Now just select your favorites from a wide range of products on Taobao or Tmall and get them imported without the unnecessary hassle. 

Automatic & Regular Updates

With Dropast, you will receive automatic updates of price changes of products featured on Taobao and Tmall, which keeps you enlightened on the market trends. 

Inventory Management

Along with some other great features, Dropast will also manage your inventory by sending you regular updates on your stock quantity and conditions. 

Automated Order Synchronization: 

When a customer places an order on your Shopify store, dropast will automatically transfer the order details to Taobao or Tmall, where the suppliers will start preparing it for delivery. Moreover, for an order of products from two or more different sellers, Dropast groups them together for a single shipment. Read how Dropast works here.

Automatic order payment 

This worth-mentioning and the built-in feature of Dropast manages the Shopify store orders by setting an automatic payment system. 

Thank You Card & Custom Logo

Dropast enables you to add an element of personalization to your packages by enclosing your store’s logo and personalized thank you card. This goes without saying that by including these things inside your package, you get the chance to promote your brand and earn customer loyalty. 

Hunt winning products and good suppliers: 

Now you do not need to hire expensive virtual assistants to hunt you for the best products and suppliers for your dropshipping business. With this intuitive application, Dropast, you can filter the best sellers and the most profitable products according to their price, relevance, and category. 

Import reviews

With 88% of customers trusting reviews as personal recommendations, it is more important than ever to import Taobao reviews into your Shopify store. With dropast, you not only can import your Taobao reviews but also edit, download, and upload them on your store. 

International Shipping

The 200 international shipping options offered by Dropast are at a much lower price and guarantee reliability. Tracking of the order is also possible. 

Mobile-Friendly Application 

You cannot always be near your computer or laptop at all times. Dropast has a mobile-friendly interface that lets you take control of your business anywhere and anytime.  

24/7 Customer support service: 

The customer service team of Dropast is always available to deal with your concerns and queries, which makes Dropast a trustworthy application.


Only Dropast has made it possible for everyone to initiate a dropshipping business without needing loads of technical knowledge. From importing products to managing the inventory, it all seems like a piece of cake with Dropast. So what are you waiting for? Download this fantastic Shopify application now and set foot on your dropshipping journey. 

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