Why Dropast is the Best Alternative to Oberlo?

What makes Dropast a leading dropshipping fulfillment solution? A detailed Dropast & Oberlo comparison. What makes Dropast win?

The Dropshipping business model has evolved dramatically in the past year or so. Even people with zero business knowledge and investment can now start their dropshipping business online.

All you need to do is find a winning dropshipping product and a supplier, search for the best dropshipping fulfillment service, and you're all set to generate cash right from the comfort of your home.

But just like you need a helping hand when running your brick-and-mortar store, you'll also need help to run your dropshipping business smoothly. 

That's where the best dropshipping solutions step in. This includes Shopify fulfillment services and dropshipping apps that make sourcing products and delivery stress-free for the sellers.

You must have heard about a few popular ones like Oberlo. But as they say, what is right is not always popular. 

It is time to embrace change and explore new possibilities. So, here we are comparing two Shopify dropshipping solutions for you  - Dropast and Oberlo.

Continue reading as we disclose a range of Dropast features you won’t find in Oberlo or any other Shopify dropshipping app available to date. 

Let’s start with the Dropast first…

What is Dropast?

Dropast is a first-ever Shopify fulfillment service that connects Shopify merchants and Taobao and Tmall marketplaces sellers with a fulfillment center on a single platform.

If you’re looking to start a Taobao and Tmall dropshipping business, Dropast has everything in one place for you to get started. 

How Dropast Works?

  • Choose one or more products from Taobao and/or Tmall based on your business needs
  • Add products to your Dropast account from Taobao and/or Tmall
  • Using your Dropast account, import the winning Taobao and/or Tmall products to your Shopify store

That’s it. Easy peasy…

Wondering what happens when you receive an order on your website?

The order is also sent to Dropast.

Now, you just sit back and relax, while Dropast handles the rest. Dropast is going to purchase your desired products directly from Taobao sellers. 

Now, upon receiving your orders from the sellers, these products are going to be sent to Dropast’s warehouse, where we conduct a thorough inspection of your products and remove any Chinese cards or materials. 

But wait, that’s not all....

Dropast also lets you choose between the most stable mode of international shipping that is suitable for you. 

These international shipping carriers also include worldwide tracking, which means you can keep an eye on your customer’s orders and supplies.

You pay the shipping fee, and your products will be delivered to your customers with utmost care. 

Is that all? 

With Dropast, you can customize your orders by enclosing a personalized thank you card and your store’s logo. This will help you market your brand in a creative manner and improve customer loyalty. 

Not only this, but Dropast also lets you access its refund management system, as well as the product seller lists for the best-selling and rated Tmall and Taobao products, that too for every e-commerce niche. 

There’s also customer support all around the clock, to facilitate you with any of your queries or issues.

The best part? Dropast is 100% mobile-friendly. This means the app can be discovered and used from any mobile browser you can think of.

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is a dropshipping app by Shopify. It is one of the leading marketplaces from where you can find and import competitive dropshipping products from AliExpress to sell on your Shopify store.

You can use and explore the Oberlo marketplace to find several feature-rich and user-friendly tools and solutions to help you with your product research. 

In only a few minutes, you will be able to get hold of your desired products and goods and customize them depending upon your preferences. Be it altering or adding product images, adding product descriptions, or even changing the pricing, Oberlo will have you all sorted out. 

Finally, you can then dedicate a spot for them in your Shopify store.

Now, Oberlo is an already established name in the Dropshipping business. But, this does not mean that other dropshipping platforms, especially the newly established ones like Dropast, can’t be any better.

This is why it is imperative to take a close look at what each of these dropshipping platforms has to offer. 

And we’re going to do exactly that.

Comparing Dropast with Oberlo

Ecommerce platforms

The biggest difference between Dropast and Oberlo is that the former offers all-inclusive dropshipping fulfillment services alongside a feature-heavy app. Oberlo, on the other hand, is just a Shopify dropshipping app that speeds up your product sourcing exclusively from AliExpress. 

Dropast has an integrated warehouse where we double-check products before delivering them to your customers. 

Not only this, but if an order contains products from different sellers, we combine them in a single package, saving our subscribers both time and money. This goes without saying that it also improves the shopping experience for the final consumers. 

The custom logo and thank you card feature will serve as the cherry on top. A printed/hand-written thank you card will take the entire buying experience to the next level. This goes without saying that the inclusion of your store’s custom logo will help your customers know more about your brand and remember it for their future purchases. 

Dashboard and Set up

Dropast's app is a sheer blessing for sellers who're always on the go.

Sign up with your credentials, and make an Account on Dropast. Also, don’t forget to make use of the 7-day free trial before you commit to the whole month. 

Don’t worry- you don’t need to provide your credit card details to use this 7-day free trial.

Oberlo, on the other hand, also offers a free 30-day trial. 

But here’s the catch…

They also have a set order limit for you to follow. Bummer, right?

Sellers & Products

Another point of difference is while both Dropast and Oberlo are Shopify dropshipping solutions, you can only import products from AliExpress with Oberlo. 

Now, here is where you’ll be restricted to a single online platform only. As for Dropast discussed above, you have access to two business-to-consumer Chinese platforms.

Now, what difference does it make?

Adding a wider range of products from Tmall and Taobao to your Shopify store can definitely make your online business more competitive and profitable. That’s what every business owner wants, right? That’s not it- you’ll be attracting way more customers this way.

Think of Dropast as a bridge between Shopify business owners and Taobao and Tmall marketplaces sellers. 

What else?

Taobao is one of the largest e-commerce companies in China, with approximately 287 million products being purchased at a single time. There are more than 26,000 brands on Taobao, let alone over 3 million monthly active sellers. 

Did we mention that Taobao alone ranks as one of the Top 10 most valuable privately held Chinese brands in the world? 

Because Taobao alone sells the cheapest products, you can easily start selling unique products on your Shopify store that cannot be found on Aliexpress or anywhere else.

The best part? There’s a very low risk of competition!

Also, on Taobao and Tmall, you can find pretty much any product - clothing, accessories, baby products, pet supplies, and household appliances are to name a few. This means, no matter what niche your online business is, you can easily add any type of product from Tmall and Taobao.

If we talk about Oberlo, you can import and add products to Shopify from AliExpress only - which could be a major turn-off if you want to diversify your dropshipping product portfolio. 

We’re down to the most important section of this article. Yes, you guessed it right. We’re going to make a detailed comparison of the features both these dropshipping Shopify platforms have in store for the users. 

Dropast Features

Shopify Integration

Dropast is exclusively designed for Shopify. 

With Dropast, you can easily extend your store’s product range by choosing options that have better potential to improve your profit margins.

Winning Taobao and Tmall products search tool

You can now get your hands on the best-selling and low-competition products from Tmall and Taobao to add to your Shopify store - a feature that sets Dropast apart from Oberlo. ✌️  

Remember, not many Taobao and Tmall products are available for purchase through sites like AliExpress.

Now, what does that mean?

It means you have the chance to sell those unique dropshipping products on your Shopify store with a lower risk of competition. 

Best Taobao and Tmall sellers search tool

With Dropast’s Best Taobao and Tmall seller search tool, you can identify and connect with the top-rated sellers on these platforms.

What more could one ask for?

Exclusive Winning Product Selection

Dropast also allows you to add its exclusive trending product selection tool to your online store. 

With this tool, you can benefit from hand-picked products that are recommended by our team of experts. 

There’s more - these products feature high-definition images and videos, that too without any watermarks. These also feature a unique product description to make your products more competitive than the rest. This is huge, isn’t it?  

Product Feedback Import

Want to import your desired product’s feedback from Taobao and Tmall? 

Dropast lets you do just that, and also view them, edit or even download them. 

All such feedback will be generated with a .csv file that is fully integrated with the LOOX and Judge.me app.

Taobao and Tmall product import

Importing your desired products from Taobao and Tmall has been made incredibly easy. With Dropast, you can also edit them depending upon your preferences before you import them into your Shopify store.

Product Image Downloader

The internet is quickly turning into a visual marketplace. You can't let people touch your products. But you can still allow them to see the benefits of it by displaying high-quality images.

With Dropast, you can download all Taobao and Tmall product images in one go, saving a considerable amount of time and energy.

Advanced Product Mapping

You can now easily synchronize your Shopify store's existing products with Taobao and Tmall products with only a few clicks. This feature is perfect for making your Shopify store even more competitive and popular. 

Auto-update pricing and inventory

Changes and alterations in the supplier’s product price and quantity can be a total menace. 

But that happens...

What if we tell you that Dropast will inform and alert you in real-time about all such changes? You get instant alerts by Dropast to avoid any inconvenience in the future and your Shopify products are automatically updated too.

Automatic order synch

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, you really don’t need to move a muscle for Dropast to work. 

Again, all orders placed on your Shopify store are automatically linked to Dropast. This means you won’t really have to do anything yourself! Dropast will do everything for you. 

Unlimited order

 With Dropast, you have no limits or restrictions on the number of products you, or your customers, order. 

You can enjoy an unlimited number of orders to deliver to your customers.

Automatic order payment

With Dropast’s automatic order payment option, you can ease down the payment system. 

You can set up automatic payment plans yourself.

For the time and energy you save by this automatic payment, you can focus on other integral parts of your business, without having to worry about your payments.

Trust us, time is money!

Auto-synch Fulfillment center

As soon as orders are placed through your Shopify store, all the products are instantly purchased through Tmall or Taobao

Dropast handles your orders purchasing from the Taobao sellers receiving them to Dropast’s warehouse, where each product is subjected to painstaking inspection.

Custom logo & Thank You card

You can personalize your order by including a thank you card and your store’s logo. Why is this important? This will give an impression that you’re going above and beyond to meet your customer’s expectations. Plus, who doesn’t like some additional marketing? We all do!


When your orders arrive at Dropast’s warehouse, they undergo a full and thorough inspection. 

When we say full and thorough, we mean it!

Any unnecessary Chinese materials are removed from the products and are determined whether they match the product image and descriptions as posted on Taobao.

Product Bundle

The flexibility you and your customers can enjoy with Dropast is incomparable. We combine products from different Taobao sellers for the same order so that you and your customers can enjoy affordable shipping charges. The end result? Seamless shopping experience. Remember, only happy customers will keep coming back for more. 

200+ International carriers

You don’t need to worry about where your orders need to get delivered to, or where your customers are. 

Why? Well, let us tell you that Dropast has over 200 international carriers. 

Dropast is here to help you ship and deliver worldwide. Let's also not forget about the impressive delivery speeds and costs.

Distance doesn’t matter. No matter where your customers are, your Shopify store will be accessible to all.

Shipping Fees Calculator and On-Demand quotation

Dropast allows Shopify sellers to calculate the selling price of their desired products on Taobao and Tmall, as well as shipping fees. You can only convey the RIGHT price when you know it yourself first, right?

That’s not all - you can make use of Dropast’s real-time calculator to calculate the costs of your order, by entering the size, weight, and destination details.

Convenient, right? 


Worrying about losing your IOSS (Import One-Stop-Shop) number? Well, you don’t need to fret any longer. 

You can easily make use of Dropast’s IOSS number.

Hey, put your wallet back into your pocket.  We will not charge any extra money for this. 😇

Oberlo Features

Easily Add Products from AliExpress

With Oberlo, you can browse and add products from AliExpress (read: only AliExpress) to your Shopify store with just a few clicks. 

ePacket filter 

Oberlo’s ePacket filter lets you spot and import those products that offer the fastest delivery times. Your Shopify store can get a unique selling proposition this way. 

But here’s the catch…

ePacket comes nowhere close to Dropast Carriers - which definitely are faster, stable, and more reliable.

Change Product Suppliers as you desire

You can change the supplier for any product with Oberlo, by determining their feedback ratings and popularity. 

Product Inventory automatically updated

Just like Dropast, Oberlo will update any changes to your product that are in inventory. This way, you won’t be at risk of going out of stock. Your customers will never have to suffer just because a product they desire is not available. 

Product Editing

Both Oberlo and Dropast allow you to edit your products to make them stand out and look more competitive on your online Shopify store. This includes the title, product images, product descriptions, and so on. 

Automated pricing

You can easily control your margins with Oberlo. Even if you want to maintain your everyday margin to make a profit, you can now update product prices in bulk, using the pricing rules you create.

Track orders automatically

Oberlo allows its subscribers to place an order on AliExpress more quickly than the standard procedure.  It is then the responsibility of the AliExpress supplier to pack and send out the package. In a nutshell, it is basically the AliExpress supplier who is responsible for the fulfillment and not Oberlo.

Also, if a customer has ordered different products from multiple sellers, they will receive them separately as individual parcels (not a combined package). That is because Oberlo doesn't have a warehouse facility. 

Track your sales

You can keep a track of all your sales through Oberlo’s Dashboard. This can help you to “rinse and repeat”, or make use of a new strategy.

But tracking your sales is definitely easier and more streamlined with Dropast, thanks to its user-friendly and all-inclusive dashboard.


Dropast pledges to provide the top-most quality to its customers, which is why it only takes a certain number of subscriptions. 

A monthly subscription for Dropast is available at $29 per month with no order limit. You can accept as many orders as you want. 

This subscription also comes with a 7-day free trial, which means you can have an idea about how great Dropast’s service is before you can fully commit to the plan. 

There is no need for a credit card in order to try this 7-day free trial. You can also cancel your subscription anytime. 

Speaking of Oberlo…

A monthly subscription for Oberlo’s Basic Plan costs $29.90 per month. This plan features only a maximum of 500 orders per month.

Oberlo’s Pro Plan comes with a price sticker of $79.90 per month. But again, this plan bounds you to fulfill a maximum of 30,000 product orders only. 

Yes, there’s a 30-day free trial included in the subscription, but, this price can alter depending on your billing location, as well as other taxes and fees

Customer Support

At Dropast, we follow a strict customer-first strategy.

Our customer care team is available 24/7 to ensure you get the support and guidance when you need it the most. You can also connect with our customer care representatives via live chat and email. 

As for Oberlo, they also claim around-the-clock support. 

But, online reviews tell a different story. According to most Oberlo users, the support they get from the official support team isn’t impressive. Their live agents can take several hours to respond to queries and issues. 

Thus, if you're someone who likes to get their queries resolved on the spot, Oberlo might not be an ideal option for you.


You'd be surprised to see the number of resources Dropast shares for its valuable customers.

Starting from how to create an account, to adding winning dropshipping products, Dropast has got you all covered.

Not only this, but you’ll have access to incredibly helpful articles that will facilitate and guide you throughout your Shopify business journey. 

In Oberlo’s Help Center, you’ll come across an abundance of advice and answers from its dedicated support team too. 

But, again,  you will find countless unhappy Oberlo customers, stating that there are insufficient resources and documents to guide customers along the way.

The Winner?

The ultimate winner of the best dropshipping platform among these two?

But, after going through the plentiful reviews about Oberlo, and the number of features both of these dropshipping platforms have to offer, it is safe to say that Dropast is the future of dropshipping.

Start your profitable dropshipping business today!

7-days trial period with no credit card needed. You can unsubscribe whenever you wish.