How to Create an Account on Taobao and Translate it Into English for a Successful Dropshipping Business

Creating an account on Taobao and translating it into English is the first step to starting a successful dropshipping business. However, it can be tricky to navigate the website if you don't know Chinese. This blog will show you how to create an account and translate Taobao so that you can dropship products profitably and without any hassle!

What exactly is Taobao?

Taobao is the most popular and the largest Chinese E-commerce company, launched in 2003, featuring 287 million products, 26 thousand brands, and 3 million monthly active sellers willing to provide services to a large customer base.

Nowadays, this marketplace has diversified itself globally by entering into different countries and markets, and according to Alexa, it is one of the top 10 websites globally.

Taobao also handles 60% of online shopping in China with a 600 million monthly user base.

You can find a range of different products on Taobao for your dropshipping business, that includes clothes, baby accessories, pet supplies, household appliances, cosmetics, etc.- all at pocket-friendly prices.

Creating an account on Taobao

Step 1

Go here. Then click on the button "English" – right side of the screen to switch to the English webpage.

Choose the country where your mobile phone is registered from the drop-down. Enter your mobile number (no spaces, no hyphens, no parentheses) and click "Get Verification Code".

You will receive an SMS verification code on your mobile. The message will be in Chinese but you just need to find a 6-digit code. Enter the code and click "Agree and Register"

shopify taobao dropshipping

Step 2

The Taobao website will open in a new window; all you have to do now is confirm the Terms & Conditions by clicking the orange button.

shopify taobao dropshipping

You're now only a couple of minutes away from launching your Taobao dropshipping business. You've already registered, and you've logged in automatically on Taobao, so you can see your username in the top-left corner of the screen and start browsing for winning items and suppliers on Taobao.

How to Create a Password for Your Taobao Account (if desired)

Creating a password for your Taobao account will allow you to log in without needing to receive the SMS code, but this is optional; you can skip it if you're fine with using your phone number and SMS code to log in.

Step 1

Go here. Then you'll be taken to a page with the "Alipay" logo, which will perform some checks and load. You'll see a page with a green alert and two alternatives after the checks and loadings are completed. Click the second orange button "from top to bottom," which will keep you in the row where a phone icon is displayed.

shopify taobao dropshipping

Step 2

You will be redirected to a new page that will require three actions to complete. In the first step, select the grey "点此免费获取" button. You will receive a code by SMS after you click the button.

shopify taobao dropshipping

Step 3

When you receive the code by SMS, type it into the appropriate area and press the orange button.

shopify taobao dropshipping

Step 4

You'll need to create and write your password in this new stage. Inside both boxes, you must write the same password. After that, click the orange button.

shopify taobao dropshipping

You can now log in to Taobao using your username and password.

shopify taobao dropshipping

If you want to log in to Taobao, go here. You'll need to know your username before you can begin. Once you're logged in, you'll be able to see your username in the top-left corner of the screen. If you can't remember your username, try logging in with your mobile phone and SMS code (read below).

shopify taobao dropshipping

How to Use Your Mobile Number to Log into Taobao

Step 1

Go here. Then click "短信登录" (1), and from the drop-down menu, select the country where your phone is registered. Click "Get Verification Code" after entering your phone number (no spaces, hyphens, or parentheses) (2).

shopify taobao dropshipping

Step 2

If necessary, scroll the bar that appears from left to right; once done, a green alert will display. Then, after receiving the code through SMS, enter it in the appropriate area (below the username box) and press the orange button.

shopify taobao dropshipping

How to Translate Taobao to English in Chrome

We understand that non-Chinese readers may have difficulties using Taobao, but following these steps, you will be able to run your Taoaavao dropshipping business without issue owing to the language barrier, regardless of what language you choose.

Step 1

Go to and Click on the translation icon shown in the address bar.

shopify taobao dropshipping

Step 2

Select English or the language you want. You’re now prepared to explore Taobao in your favorite language and start dropshipping.

How to Translate Taobao to English in Firefox

Although Firefox lacks a built-in translation option, you can install the Google Translator add-on. However, we suggest using Chrome as it has an inbuilt function that works properly.

Learn how to connect your Shopify store to Taobao and start a successful and automated dropshipping business

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Taobao and Shopify integration

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Taobao's product search tool

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Package customization service

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Taobao import and editing reviews function

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