End-to-End Fulfillment

Dropast’s Fulfillment feature simplifies your logistics, ensuring accurate, reliable delivery from supplier to customer.

Products sourced from Taobao, Tmall and 1688 are sent to the Dropast warehouse for quality checks before being packaged and shipped directly to your customers.

Our automated system ensures smooth, on-time delivery while keeping you informed with real-time tracking. Focus on growing your business while Dropast manages the logistics with precision and care, giving your customers a seamless shopping experience.

Improve Your Fulfillment

Key Benefits


Quality Control and Consolidation

Products are consolidated at the Dropast warehouse and undergo rigorous quality checks, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring only the best products reach your customers.


Automated Tracking and Transparency

Real-time tracking provides visibility into each order’s status, so you and your customers are always informed, building trust and reducing uncertainty.


Accurate and Timely Delivery

The streamlined process ensures that orders are packaged accurately and delivered promptly, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Dropast just for importing and syncing, while handling product orders myself?
Yes, you can use Dropast solely for importing and synchronizing products. You’re not obligated to pay for orders through Dropast, giving you the flexibility to handle orders directly with sellers.
Can I use Dropast with my own warehouse and fulfillment?
Yes, Dropast allows you to import and synchronize products while using your own warehouse and fulfillment. Set your warehouse address in your Dropast account, and we’ll ensure products purchased from suppliers are delivered directly to your location.
How much do shipping fees cost?
International shipping fees vary based on destination, package size, and weight, so there isn't a fixed price.
Do you ship to [my country]?
Yes, we ship globally.
How can I estimate the international shipping fee?
Once your store is connected to Dropast, you can use the Dropast shipping fee calculator.
Can the package be customized?
Customizing a package requires a minimum order quantity, which is not ideal for dropshipping. Instead, we offer a service where you can upload a file (like a thank you card) that we will print and insert inside the package.
How long after payment does Dropast purchase the order from the marketplace?
Dropast purchases the products within 24 working hours of payment.
Do I receive tracking information for packages sent from the seller to the Dropast warehouse?
Yes, you will receive tracking information for packages sent from the seller to the Dropast warehouse.
How many days does it take for the product to arrive at the Dropast warehouse from the marketplace seller?
It typically takes around 2-3 working days, depending on the marketplace seller’s location relative to the Dropast warehouse.
Do you provide international tracking once the package is shipped to the end customer?
Yes, we provide international tracking for packages shipped to the end customer.
What if an order contains products from multiple sellers or marketplaces?
We bundle all the products in a single package if they are related to a single order.
Can you replace tags or parts of a product?
No, we do not offer the service to replace tags or any parts of a product.